Commentary: As Bioenergy Policy Continues to Take Shape, Landowners Should Assess Opportunities

by Brent Bailey, State Facilitator, 25x’25 Alliance

Although the renewable energy sector has been the fastest growing domestic energy sector over the last five years, further expansion of biomass energy solutions in America is not assured and, in fact, is at risk. Support for biofuel and biopower energy solutions from farms, ranches and forests is softening as pushback from animal agriculture interests, fossil energy stakeholders and environmental groups intensifies.

Biomass-based energy systems are being challenged on multiple fronts, including land use change and crop acre reallocation; feedstock competition; the price and availability of food; net energy balances; contributions to greenhouse gas emissions; and impacts on soil, water and air quality, wildlife habitat and natural landscapes. Thankfully, recent reports by the Farm Foundation, USDA, Informa Economics, and others are addressing the misinformation campaigns and are pushing back themselves.

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