Commentary: A FRIGHT Full Year in Bioenergy

by Tim Hughes, SAFER Advisory Council Member and Director, Division of Biofuels, Kentucky Department for Energ y Development and Independence

Halloween is one of the few instances when both parties of the “Trick or Treat” exchange
feel jovial about the interaction. Many families stock up on candy to enthusiastically reward the “scariest” ghosts, goblins, and other spooks that innocently visit with anticipation of getting some good loot to fill their bags. To the contrary, the bioenergy industry has not reaped the same joy from the FRIGHT that has filled the air in 2011. Diminishing Funding at both the federal and state level, uncertainty in federal Regulatory definitions and implementation, Instability in a number of foreign governments, Gyrating fuel prices, Hideous global weather events, and Timidity in the financial markets have made for a long season of anxiety.

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