EPA Releases RFS Final Rule for 2014-2016

On November 30, the EPA announced its 2014, 2015 and 2016 RVOs for the RFS, including the 2017 RVO for biomass-based biodiesel. The RFS, established by Congress, requires EPA to set annual volume requirements for four categories of biofuels. The final rule considered more than 670,000 public comments. EPA finalized 2014 and 2015 standards at levels that reflect the actual amount of domestic biofuel used in those years, and standards for 2016 (and 2017 for biodiesel) that project growth in biofuels use.

The volumes set in the Final Rule represent an increase over the Proposed Rule announced on June 10, 2015. However, the volumes in the Final Rule are still far below the standards set by Congress in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 Title II, Subtitle A, Section 202(a)(2)(B)(i). EPA is projecting that the 2016 Total Renewable Fuel volume requirement reflects 10.10% of the total transportation fuels to be consumed in 2016.

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