The Southeast Agriculture & Forest Energy Resources Alliance (SAFER) is committed to positioning the South as the national leader in the bioeconomy. SAFER works toward this vision by providing strategic leadership in advancing initiatives related to biopower, biofuels, and bioproducts. These initiatives focus on better policy, targeted research, efficient commercialization, and outreach and education.


The SAFER Alliance was formed in 2006 through an initiative of the Energy Foundation in conjunction with the national 25x’25 initiative to bring together representatives from across the bioeconomy landscape including organizations and individuals from the agricultural, forestry, conservation and environmental communities as well as researchers, industry representatives, grassroots organizations and other renewable energy champions.

In early 2007, the Alliance selected Southern Growth Policies Board (SGPB) as their management and fiscal agent. In 2008, SAFER merged with the Southern Alliance for the Utilization of Biomass Resources (SAUBR).  In September 2013, the Southern Growth Policies Board announced that organizational operations would cease.  Shortly thereafter, the 25x’25 Alliance assumed the role of administrative and fiscal manager of the SAFER Alliance. 25x’25 thanks SGPB for their past support and for helping put SAFER on a solid footing for the future.

The transition has been made possible with funding provided by the Energy Foundation.

Among SAFER’s contributions to the promotion of the region’s renewable energy potential to date are the Southern Bioenergy Roadmap, Woody Biomass Definition Study, State Bioenergy Factsheets, coordination of the Bioenergy Partners Capitol Hill Day and the creation of the Southern Bioenergy Network, the latter a coalition of leaders representing state and regional renewable and bioenergy-advocacy organizations.

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