SAFER Partners

SAFER was created to provide strategic leadership to the agriculture and forestry sectors in advancing and leveraging bioenergy initiatives in the Southeast.  By endorsing the SAFER Vision, partners will have the unique opportunity to join a truly regional effort to advance bioenergy energy in the South.

Join us today!  It is easy and there are no membership dues.  You simply make a commitment to work with other motivated leaders to make the South most attractive destination for bioenergy project investments and development.

Your endorsement is very important to the success of the SAFER Alliance and the achievement of the organization’s vision for the region.  As a SAFER Alliance Partner, you will join SAFER’s large and growing network of support for a more energy secure and prosperous Southern region.  You can endorse the SAFER vision by entering your information below.  You will have recognition on the SAFER website, be included in future SAFER communications and will have access to tools for engaging others on behalf of SAFER.

Become a SAFER Alliance Partner

(I/we) support the vision to position the South as the leader in bioenergy production and will support strategies to improve policy, influence research initiatives, advance commercialization and effectively communicate the benefits of a new energy future with all stakeholders.

As a SAFER Alliance Partner, I commit to work with campaign partners and bioenergy champions to plan and achieve a secure, prosperous and sustainable U.S. energy future.

I embrace the SAFER vision on behalf of:

Become a SAFER Alliance Contributing Partner

The SAFER Advisory Board has recognized the need to acquire funds to support and offset organizational costs and other expenses incurred in the promotion of the SAFER Vision and engaging stakeholders throughout the region.  Therefore, the Advisory Board has created the SAFER Alliance Contributing Partner designation to recognize those leaders who have committed and contributed financial resources in support of SAFER’s work.  Entities who contribute at least $250 will enjoy all the benefits of Partners plus be recognized on the SAFER website with their logo.  In addition, Contributing Partners will have the ability to participate on the monthly calls of the Southern Bioenergy Working Group.

To become a SAFER Alliance Contributing Partner, please make your check payable to Better World Fund in U.S. funds only, and send to:

SAFER Alliance
Attn:  Brent Bailey
107 Cedar Ridge Dr.
Canton, MS 39046

The Better World Fund is the fiduciary agent of the 25x’25 and is recognized as a 501c3 non-profit organization by the IRS.