DOE Launches Advanced Biofuels Support Program

On May 6, 2016, the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy of the U.S. Department of Energy issued a funding opportunity announcement (“FOA”) of $90,000,000 in financial assistance for projects focused on designing, constructing and operating integrated biorefinery facilities. The financial assistance under the FOA is in the form of direct grants, designed to support pilot and demonstration scale manufacturing of advanced or cellulosic biofuels, bioproducts, refinery compatible intermediates, or biopower in a domestic pilot or demonstration scale integrated biorefinery.

The good folks at Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP have put together a Legal Alert providing an overview of the FOA solicitation. Further information about the program can be found at:

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Webinar on Sorghum Breeding for Bioenergy

Breeding High Yielding Bioenergy Sorghum for the New Bioenergy Belt

This webinar is scheduled for Apr 19, 2016 2:00 pm US/Eastern.

Learn more at

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NREL Surveys Advanced Biofuel Producers

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has updated its annual survey of U.S. non-starch ethanol and renewable hydrocarbon biofuel producers. The report, titled “2015 Survey of Non-Starch Ethanol and Renewable Hydrocarbon Biofuel Producers,” provides an inventory 27 cellulosic ethanol facilities, two algae-derived ethanol facilities, and 32 renewable hydrocarbon facilities.

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February 2016 Edition of Southern Bioenergy Network News

The latest edition of the Southern Bioenergy Network News is online. This month, we provide an update on federal legislation, an update on actions surrounding the renewable fuel standard (RFS) and Clean Power Plan, impacts of bioenergy on rural economies, and provide highlights of projects, reports and upcoming events. Also, more news about the bioeconomy from around the world, nation and region. See the newsletter HERE in a webpage.

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Best regions for growing bioenergy crops identified

New research has identified regions in the United States where bioenergy crops would grow best while minimizing effects on water quantity and quality. The most suitable regions to grow bioenergy grasses in terms of impact on water are eastern OH, eastern KY, eastern TN, and the Northern Atlantic regions.

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