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Websites – The Bioenergy Knowledge Discovery Framework supports the development of a sustainable bioenergy industry by providing access to a variety of data sets, publications, and collaboration and mapping tools that support bioenergy research, analysis, and decision making.

The Wood2Energy database provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date information base of its type. Such information is vital to making sound planning and business decisions to expand uses of wood for energy while protecting the long-term sustainability of North America’s rich forested estate.

Biomass MapsThese maps illustrate the biomass resources available in the United States by county.

NREL Interactive Renewable Energy Atlas Map

Southeastern Partnership for Integrated Biomass Supply Systems (IBSS) – Demonstrating real-world solutions towards economically and environmentally sustainable production and conversion of biomass-to-biofuel in the southeast United States

IBSS Extension Projects and Partners websites

Biofuels Academy – Dedicated to biofuels education in Chemical Engineering

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2014 Pellet Plants – View the list of proposed, under construction, and existing wood pellet plants in the U.S. and Canada.